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Submitted by: Vanesa

On June 21, 2019

Reaching out from: Tennessee

Dear Andrew Womack Ministries,
I wanted to leave a praise report since I called in two days ago with a recent situation. I prayed with one of your prayer ministers, and I thank God for the Word of faith that was prayed from James 5:15. I am seeing remarkable results from the prayer for my Pastor! He’s improving significantly, and we are looking forward to him going home soon!

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Love Andrew’s teachng

Category: Encouragement | Name: Frank Gaines | From: Omaha, Nebraska
Posted On: July 11, 2019

Thank you for your wonderful teaching. I learn so much. Every morning I watch you on TBN at 5:30. Then later in the day I go back into the archives and listen to one of your past programs. Four weeks ago God must have wanted me to listen to “A New Way To Pray” from 2010 because that is also the subject of your TV programs currently. When I listen to past programs I take notes and then type them in my computer so I can go back and read them again and again. What a blessing. I can also send them to a friend of mine. Thank you, Andrew. You are a blessing.


Category: Encouragement | Name: DASARI SUDHAKARARAO | From: india
Posted On: July 9, 2019



Category: Encouragement | Name: Lisa Rooney | From: England
Posted On:

Thank you for your ministry, you have been a blessing Andrew.

I started struggling with my emotions in 2017 worrying about cancer coming back again (I had a mastectomy in 2015).
In my baptism testimony, I explained that one night I couldn’t sleep and so I searched the Internet to take my mind off of negative thoughts.
Online I found a Christian Ministry.  That night I found peace and I started feeling positive again.
What I read was the Christian Survival Kit from Andrew Wommack. It is 4 chapters. I really got blessed and became a Christian.
Since that day I’ve had two health scares, finding suspicious lumps, one in my breast and recently a few in my right arm.
Both times I started to worry myself stupid but I re-read the Christian Survival Kit and found peace. The lumps turned out to be non cancerous.

May God bless you all, Lisa

praise report

Category: Healing | Name: VICTOR BURKE | From: wv
Posted On:

today a prayer minister agreed with me and led me to Jeremiah 33 -6 I have been believing for deliverance from ringing in my ears.i don’t read God’s word much but twice today while searching the scriptures God led me to Psalm 40-6 and later to luke 4 -21. so I ask for agreement today I am healed!!! praise GOD. Yesterday after suffering an attack he showed me his bow in the sky.

thank you

Category: Encouragement | Name: Beth Eakin | From: Texas
Posted On:

I know people constantly oppose and criticize you, but I just wanted to say thank you! You are appreciated.

Appreciate the Ministry

Category: Encouragement | Name: Karen Lazenby | From: Alabama, United States of America
Posted On:

Thank you for a wonderful ministry!

Grateful heart for Andrew Wommack Ministries and my testimony

Category: Healing | Name: Vickie Skelley | From: New York
Posted On:

I had autoimmune health issues for decades and suffered for many years with one ailment after another. I was in false teaching I learned that really messed up my thinking on God. I was under a lot of condemnation, thinking all my health issues was God punishing me. A long story short, I was stricken with Lyme disease in 2011. One day, I heard Andrew Wommack. He was teaching the lesson “The Balance between Faith and Grace”. I never heard anything like that ever in all my years of going to churches. My spirit just soaked it in. I was so sick I was unable to go to work, but during those months I devoured the word all afresh under Andrew’s teachings. I became a supporter of the ministry. I bought so many of Andrew’s teachings from the Bible. I took so many leaps of faith. Going back to work, going on a retreat with the ladies at church, even thou I was still weak. I would just listen at work to the cds all day while I worked. I would confess it. It took time, but eventually I healed. I’ve had a long journey and now am sick with Lyme disease recovery again. Thankfully, this time it was caught very early, unlike last time. But I’m very weak but know how to fight the good fight of faith. God is my deliverer. The first time I got it I would tell everyone I’m healed. Jesus healed me. And He did. He has again. It’s a done deal. I’m now going to start donating to Andrew again, cause I’m back to watching him and he is feeding me. Give where you are fed as he says. Thank you Andrew and all at the ministry for all you do. Love from NYS, Vickie


Category: Healing | Name: Sharon Margaret Okie | From: Blacksburg, VA
Posted On:

Testimony shared with AWMI : July 3, 2019

Your prayer ministers have been such a lifeline for me!! I was born without a complete immune system and have had very little immunity to bacterial infections.

The last 6 years have been particularly difficult. In that time, I was hospitalized several times for various things, such as severe double pneumonia 4 times, sepsis 3 times, and fungal infection in my entire digestive system.

My husband and I heard Andrew for the first time in 2010 and started to saturate ourselves with the Truth of the Word! I became vigilant about guarding my heart even more and only focusing on the truth. We have been holding out for a creative miracle in my immune system and a healing/recovery miracle in my body! I also have been taking online Charis classes, just trying to learn and grow and move into all that Jesus won for me!

Last night, I was praying and all of a sudden the Holy Spirit brought a scripture to my heart that one of the prayer ministers had shared with me a while back. It was Song of Songs 4:7 “…there is no flaw in you.” That scripture suddenly exploded on the inside of me and I started speaking out loud “Immune System, there is no flaw in you!” “Respiratory System, there is no flaw in you!”….I went through all of the systems, organs, functions of the body and spoke the truth over them and told them that I was fearfully and wonderfully made and the anything else was a lie! Then I just started worshiping the Lord and thanking Him!

I knew that something had changed! I knew that I was healed!!! Many of the awful symptoms were still there, but I knew that I was healed! Today I have had more energy and was actually able to go out with my husband for a little while.

Thank you, Prayer Ministers, for all of the times that you have prayed with us and encouraged us to keep pressing into Him! You are such a blessing and we are very, very grateful for you and for this ministry!!

How to find God’s purpose about my life

Category: Encouragement | Name: Khosi Motloung | From: South Africa, Newcastle (KZN)
Posted On: June 27, 2019

Nothing painful as walking your Christian journey without knowing the real purpose of God for your life. You always run on the wrong lane, as long as you are not where God wants you to be, you struggle and suffer until you get to the point where you doubt everything about God. I was so blessed when i met AWM on my Facebook and on TBN. I listen and something happened that makes me pay more attention and like and share every teaching or preaching by Pst Andrew Wommack and until one day i took a chance and send the request for some notes about how to what God want to do as a Christian. And then AWM TEAM, send to me a lots and lots of notes about the subject and i read it many time until one day something happened to me. I felt a love of writing a book and i didn’t start writing there and ther until this year 2019 and I’m so excited that everything is falling together, by God’s grace the book will be finished before the end of next year 2020. Ive never been so excited. Thank you AWM TEAM, and to the Pastor Andrew Wommack .

Excellent Message

Category: Encouragement | Name: Joseph Smith | From: Sydney, Australia
Posted On:

Thank you Andrew for your excellent message, it is much needed in these troubled times.